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Degree Category : Engineering

Course Type : REGULAR

Degree Category : Engineering

Course Type : REGULAR

About Us

About M.I.E.T. Engineering College

The M.I.E.T. Society, founded by Er.A.Mohamed Yunus and Alhaj S.M.Hassan Mohamed within the year 1984, offers top quality education in an underdeveloped rural and semi-urban region of tamil nadu. This society runs the M.I.E.T. technical school college established within the year 1984, the M.I.E.T. Arts and Science college established in 1993 and M.I.E.T. Engineering college within the year 1998 in one campus. The society?s members enclosed industrialists, educators and philanthropists.

Ever since its origination the establishments have big phenomenally and its College have created an ineradicable impression on the lives of students as they saw. Students from the Tiruchirappalli region various parts of Tamil Nadu and even from states throughout India, come together to learn in our institutions and build their personality. M.I.E.T College supported their glorious academic credentials have even started attracting students from countries outside Asian nation. The tutorial successes over the years are established as a result of never-ending efforts of the society assisted by the schools of the colleges. The M.I.E.T. establishments have since its introduction targeting coming up with and using superior standards of teaching to foster effective student learning.

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