What is Brainybatch Discounted EduEMI ?

We just made education lighter on your wallet

Annual fees paid in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months installments

Institute shares the Interest rate to help lessen the parent's burden. The sharing percentage is decided by the Institute itself.

After approval of the loan, School/College gets complete academic fees upfront in the first month of admission whereas parents pay the complete fees in EMIs to NBFC/Banks & the student gets admission in Institute.

Avail Discounted Education loan for parents to pay fees in easy EMIs

Special Offer

Institute Owner can increase Admissions by 20-50% with Short term Discounted EduEMI facility to pay fees in EMIs

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Benefits of Discounted EduEMI

Discounted EMI Increase Admissions

Increase Admissions

Increased admission rate
like never before without any
extra marketing cost.

Shared EMI Improved cash flow

Improved cash flow

Increase your institution
cash flow and keep your
Institute profitable.

Discounted EMI Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Get better brand awareness for
your institute by offering Education
loan facility to your students/parents.

Shared EMI Upfront academic Fees

Upfront academic Fees

School/College will get
academic fees upfront whereas
Parents will pay in EMIs.

Discounted EMI Zero Processing Fees

Zero Processing Fees

No processing fees are charged
for the Short term EduEMI
by parents/borrower.

Shared EMI Free Insurance*

Free Insurance*

Get free health insurance for
Students & Free Life Insurance
for Parents of Applicants.

How does it work for Owners/Borrower ?

Shared EMI Choose Plan

Choose Plan

Choose Plan

Choose the best plan from Brainybatch
Short term EduEMI plans.

Discounted EMI Subscribe



Click on subscribe and fill
the subscription details.

SHared EMI Upload documents

Upload documents

Upload documents

We verify the details of the
institute & the promoter.

Discounted EMI Dashboard



Log in and track the upfront academic
fees which your institute will receive.

EduEMI Costing for Institution

No Cost EduEMI*

Institution pay 12% Interest Fee
Parents pay No Interest Fee.

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Discounted EduEMI*

Institution share Y% Parents pay X%
Institution decides the (Y %) of total
Interest rate, where X% + Y% = 12%.

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Standard EduEMI*

Institution pay No Interest Fee
Parents pay 12% Interest Fee.

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*The Interest fee is charged upfront

Marketing Collaterals for Institutions

Shared EMI Marketing Collaterals

Receive a docket with 6 tools of support to effectively promote the service to students for a cost*.

1 Standee

1 Poster

1 Gate Board

2 Tent Cards

100 Pamphlets

1 Circular

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