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Fledgelings preschool understands the importance of critical formative years;based on the key principles of individual attention, progressive thinking and training life skills,our playschool has embarked on a journey of helping to create a generation which has the presence of mind and the skills essential to manage life with dignity and intelligence.

The curriculum implemented at Fledgelings school contributes to achieving an inclusive development with emphasis on the psychological, intellectual and physical development of the little child. It is a happy blend of concepts, art, craft, play and activities designed to achieve physical and mental dexterity at the child's own pace. The curriculum, its implementation and the fostering of a healthy teacher-child-parent relationship, aim at providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment to the little Kids.

The colourful, fun-filled world of preschool education that perfectly blends homely atmosphere with high Standards of quality education. Our aim is to develop the inherent potential in every child and ensure an easy transition into higher education. We do this by offering Kids the best teachers, curriculum and teaching methodologies in a safe, supportive and positive learning environment.


  Outdoor Play Area

  Pick-up and Drop Facility

  Creche Facility

  Air Conditioned Classes


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