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About Maple BearThe Maple Bear Education System was developed for  Global Schools to bring a Canadian designed early learning program for children to the world. It was created by Canadian experts and is being constantly upgraded to ensure that the Maple Bear Education system reflects the very best in early childhood education.Maple Bear In India has become part of the Modigroup through a joint venture partnership between Modi Edutech Pvt. Ltd (India) and Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.(Canada)At Maple Bear we believe that there is nothing more important than our children. The goal of the Maple Bear is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young learners that will serve as a foundation for future success in the formal education system. Programs OfferedToddlers (12 months and above)Offers an environment for the child to safely practice new skills they learn and set the stage for the next level of development.Nursery(2 1/2 years and above)When children enter the program they regard learning as a pleasurable experience and are naturally inclined and eager to learn. The program reinforces and builds on this positive attitude by offering varied stimulating, enjoyable experiences and enhances the individual learning styles.Junior Kindergarten(3 ½ years and above)Children need to learn to make connections with past experiences and current learning. Integrating topics with skill development will help the children make sense of the world and their learning.Senior Kindergarten(4 1/2 years and above)The knowledge and skills that children acquire by the end of Kindergarten, along with positive attitudes to learning that children develop in these early years, form the basis of effective learning in the later years.Day CareAge-appropriate activities to promote cognitive and social development in a warm and nurturing environment. Our Unique OfferingsMoms and TotsStimulate love of learning, increase self-confidence and enrich the mother-child  relationship Saturday ProgramStudents who don?t get the chance to attend the regular program can come over on Saturday and get a feel of International educational experience. English Plus Programs ( 4-8 years old)The purpose of the program is to enhance students English literacy skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing through informational texts in Science and Social Studies.With Maple Bear English Language arts program, every chikld will have the equal opportunity to gain proficiency and fluency in the world?s most used language. ThisLanguage         Speaking             Reading                   WritingMaple Bear keeps in mind the different stages of a child?s development cycle. Hence forth this program is provided on different levels:Intensive literacy PlusIntensive kindergarten PlusIntensive English PlusRemoving BarriersThe English Language Plus PROGRAMS ARE NOT JUST FOR THE Maple BEAR students but is also available to children outside Maple Bear Family. This enables us to provide an internationally qualified program without any hurdles and barriers.Thematic Summer Camps:Maple Bear is unique in its offering of thematic summer camps ranging from themes like Toddlers, India for Kids, Dinosaurs, Trees, English Drama Camp, Forensic Science Camp etc for age group ranging fron 2 ½ to 10 years old children. Children work on that theme. We bring out creativity of evry child with the help of different themes. It is unique international educational experience for the kids where they get a chance of exploring their skills with a lot of hands on activities. The Maple BearSystem of AssessmentThe Maple Bear system of assessment is based on a child?s performance on a day to day basis at the centre and in the classroom rather than on note learning. A journal is maintained by the teacher for every child which assesses a child both qualitatively and quantitatively.Maple Bear Core Curriculum Pre SchoolEnglish Language ArtsBy the end of Senior Kindergarten children will communicate effectively in English by listening and speaking, will have a good understanding of Alphabteical symbols, will be able to read basic text in English, will be able to use phonic strategies to approach new words, will be capable of using writing strategies appropriate for beginners, and finally will be able to use and respond to media.Personal and Social DevelopmentChildren will learn to share, to respect others, to listen and to understand that people have different talents and functions in our society.Science and TechnologyChildren will demonstrate curiosity about the natural world, demonstrate curiosity about the natural world, demonstrate knowledge of characteristics of common materials, identify cycles in nature using techniques of observation and work with others in using the computer in all aspects of their studies.Creativity Activity Children will understand colour, shape and use of media to express ideas. They will be able to describe responses to music, art, drama and dance. Physical skills and Well BeingChildren will develop physical skills (such as balance and flexibility) an awareness of health and safety rules, an understanding of sharing, taking turns, cooperation and socially acceptable behaviour. In Mathematics children will become problem solvers. They will learn about patterns in the environment, number concepts, comparisons, sets, basic formal operation(e.g addition and subtraction). 3-D objects, simple graphs and basic measurement.Language Development and AcquisitionChildren enter Maple Bear Pre-School with some basis in their home language. In learning their first language children pass through several stages in predictable order: listening, developing, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Successive stages begin while preceding stages are still in development.When Maple Bear children English as a new language their development in English proceeds through the same stages in the same sequence as in learning their first language. Research shows that learning two languages at an early age offers both linguistic and cognitive advantages.Immersion methodology is used in Maple Bear Pre-Schools to develop competence in English. This means that children learn to listen, speak, read and write in English by surrounding them with conservation and instruction in English. Children learn in English right from the first day.Literacy which includes listening skills, speaking, reading and writing, is one of the most important goals of the Maple Bear program. 


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