Classes Offered

Classes Age Group Ratio Fees Action
Pre Primary 1 to 6 years 30 : 1 0
Primary 6 to 10 years 30 : 1 0
Middle 10 to 14 years 30 : 1 0
Secondary 14 to 16 years 30 : 1 0
Senior Secondary 16 to 20 years 30 : 1 0

About Us

ITL Public School has, since its establishment, earned for itself a reputation for excellence in the field of education.We have everything that makes for a model school ? excellent infrastructure, encouraging environment, dedicated faculty of highly qualified and experienced teachers, a vast range of core and co-curricular programs, and above all and foremost its students ? girls and boys who are highly motivated and who share a common commitment to not only academic success and personal achievement but also overall development of their personality. The student community is marked by a wealth of talent, a rich and varied cultural and social mix, and a spirit of acceptance and mutual respect.We believe that each child is a unique individual with specific needs and our classrooms reflect this belief. Our teaching practices support the learning for each child through implementation of multiple intelligence principles. Our teaching methodology extensively leverages the IT technology tools.The success lies in the ethos of the school where parents, staff and students, both past and present, share the belief that Potens Sui or ?mastery of self and of one?s destiny? can be a reality. They share a commitment to providing a caring and challenging environment where creativity and individuality are valued, where responsibility for self and others go hand in hand and where all-round development of the student is a priority.The ITL community remains committed to enhancing the school?s reputation for excellence and to ensuring that the STUDENTS in its care are equipped to face the challenges of a fast changing and increasingly complex world and become the leaders of the Indian society of the future.


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