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About USIt is an established fact that learning at Pre School has a significant impact on child?s early developmental years. It is this early childhood learning and development that IKidz caters to. IKidz is a premium pre-school that ensures intellectual, social and emotional development of kids between the age of 2-5yrs. We create an environment that is ?Home away a home?. It is spacious colorful school with a scientifically planned curriculum making learning a joyful experience. Each and every room is built with a theme and a concept that enables your child to associate, appreciate and learn from environment. Our PhilosophyEvery child is unique with potential in abundance. Our focus is to provide your child with a friendly curriculum and safe learning environment. Play school education is a face of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature and IKidz caters to all these aspects. Our philosophy is to instill in the kids self confidence, good social skills and a love for learning. Our MethodologyIntroduce Concepts and Learning at the right age post a careful assessment of the physical and mental capabilities of every child.   CurriculumPreschool is a child?s first learning station; we intend to make it an effective one. Our school?s curriculum is based on the principal of ?Learning by doing?.Apart from the traditional approach of learning through pictures, fairy tales, rhymes, beads, clay, puzzles, blocks and flash cards, we also use modern techniques of learning like drama, role plays, projects, monkey, puppet and music shows.This curriculum inculcates the qualities like confidence, leadership responsibilities, righteousness and emotional balance.Activities like workshops, orientations and mock interviews are an essential part of our curriculum. Competitions and presentations are organized to encourage the children. Celebrations of various festivals, Sports Day, Friendship Day, Annual Day, Environment Day, Grandparents story telling sessions, Children?s Day, X-Mas Celebration are the regular features. These activities help in all round development of child.IKidz focuses on a balanced school curriculum having mix of Traditional Indian Gurukul education with modern one like emphasis on learning values in life, meditation, yoga, importance of nature, personal safety & health care, importance of play, knowing use of appropriate kids technological gadgets, etc.To sum it up or curriculum takes care of academics as well as other major developments life fine motor skills, practical and life skills, social and emotional skills, listening and speaking skills etc.Our advantagesBasic Skills DevelopmentWe provide an environment that takes into account the potentialities of children at each stage and enable them to become socially & emotionally self confident. Unique Philosophy.Activity Based LearningWe provide activity based learning proving play way method. IKidz facilitates the process of ?learning by doing? and helps the children to explore & apply new learned skills independently. This instills self-confidence, good social skills & a love for learning.Why Choose Us?Our pre-school program provides a rich class room environment wherein children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn taking into account their potentialities.They develop the critical thinking & problem solving skills, they will need to succeed in their life. We do not believe in teaching but creating conducive learning environment that every child can bloom in.In a nutshell, our goal is to provide a quality pre-school that is both enriching & enjoyable.FollowIt is a great institution. Very well managed. Keep up the GOOD WORK !!! 


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