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Playschool N/A Rs 2200

About Us

We at Chuckkle Kids believe that a child needs a comprehensive education: an education which aims at making healthy their mind body and soul.A child needs an education which does not teach him/her anything; s/he needs an education that merely makes the environment conducive to learning.Learning what, one may ask.Learning to be a good human being. The facts that one needs to know are not a problem. But we have concentrated too much on facts.We need to go beyond facts now. And that's just what we intend to do.Each member of our organization is absolutely dedicated to this cause. A revolution is required, and the time is now, for we have 'miles to go' an outline needs to be prepared for a system where everyone is a unique individual bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm where everyone is great, and no one is lost to anonymity.We wish to do our bit for that new world order. For after all, the answer to the question "where does humanity go from here' has to be. 'Wherever I decide to go'...  The Montessori Method assumes that all children have inherent inner directives from nature that guide their true normal development. It respects the individual liberty of children to choose their own activities. This freedom allows children to follow their inner guidance for self -directed learning.
It is an activity-based method which develops practical, sensorial, mathematical, and linguistic skills of a child.It also uses various techniques to teach the kids the subjects that are generally taught.

Smart Class: 
We use audio-visual aids to assist students in the learning process. This is especially important when the child is young because at this stage he/she grasps more through such aid. The audio-visual aids have all been adapted according to the Indian milieu and accent.

A typical day at our Kindergarten includes the following:
? Whole Group Time
? Small Group Time
? Child-Directed Learning 
? Meals and Snacks
? Rest Time 
? Outdoor Play


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