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It's always the first step that determines where the journey is headed.Aarambh believes that education should be a wholesome approach that enables a child to be physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually aware.The children of his age group (18 months to 5 years) are at the most receptive stage of their life, and therefore it is very crucial that they may learn to differentiate right from wrong.Offering a balanced mix of the traditional with the modern, ours is an institution that truly stands apart from other play schools.Combining cultural values with new age research techniques, we aspire to give children an exposure to our heritage at this nascent stage, which will help them grow into finer beings. Aarambh ensures that the children are exposed to an environment conducive for their development. Classrooms are bright and well ventilated and decorated with specially commissioned art by award winning artists. The 200 sq. ft. classrooms are fully air conditioned and the hallways display inspirational photographs by Padamashri Sh. Raghu Rai. Complete with a well manicured lawn, backyard pool and a wide variety of play equipment, Aarambh inspires to create a healthy, happy and stimulating environment. It is rightly said ?Excellence in learning is directly related to excellence in teaching.? Aarambh ensures that the teachers we employ are adequately trained and are caring individuals who can bond with each and every child. Other than regular teachers, we have got on board individuals with an upbringing in the classical arts and culture. The idea here is not to teach children an art form but to make them learn under the guidance of wise and learned individuals so they can grow up as cultured members of society. We believe that children learn more by experiencing than by being taught, more than learning they absorb. Keeping in tandem with the same, the curriculum is designed to make learning an enjoyable experience. Along with the core components of curriculum, namely, intellectual development, social and emotional development, aesthetic development and physical development, the core human values, are subtly woven in the curriculum and are imparted. .I am too satisfied with the staff at your school. Good job! Feels a sense of relaxed when the kid is in school. We appreciate the efforts made by school teachers and staff to keep her comfortable and safe in the school environment. Happy to see Samruddh settle in school so fast. Satisfied with the progress till now. I am satisfied in every field like physical activities, educational activity, and wish to grow up my child with your support.  We are very happy and satisfied with the efforts of the teachers, and expecting little improvement in my child.  We are very happy with the school. It is a good place for your child, and would highly recommend it to others.  We are very happy with the improvement of our child, but we want our child to become more interactive with other children. We are happy with the environment at school. I am happy to see the improvement in his activities, way of talking, and understanding things. This would not have been possible without him enrolling at a play school like Aarambh. We are very happy with the way of teaching, with music, and the different rooms for different activities. Teachers should teach counting and alphabets every day by repetition. Other than that, everything is going fine. I like the environment of the school and the behavior of the staff. There is a little communication gap at times, which I hope will improve. We are satisfied with what Aarambh has to offer, and the performance of our child. Keep it up. Very happy with my child's performance. Kindly keep up the good work :) 


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