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Once Upon a Time?The classic opening line Every time someone says it somewhere, a little one is perked up; it transports them into the world of fairies and elves, of things seen and unseen, of a world that is unknown but magical. It is this idea of a classical beginning to growing up years, which inspired us to create "Once upon a Rhyme" (with a poetic twist!) At Once Upon A Rhyme, we welcome their wide-eyed curiosity, their anticipation, and that little fear of the unknown. Like with turning of each page in the fairy tale, the time spent here will add richly to their world, they'll make new friends, learn new words, tell a triangle from a circle, and learn how to climb the slide the wrong way (cool right!). We know how tough a job parenting is, with Moms putting in 48 hours work in the 24 they have, and Dads constantly juggling hectic work schedules with school sports days and paediatric visits. Precisely why, we hope to be your preferred partner in parenting; like the nice fairies and wise wizards who watch over your children. At Once Upon A Rhyme, we hold their hands and take them through these years - exploring, learning and growing each day. So that in the time to come, you'll be glad to have chosen the newest day care and playgroup centre in town. It is the best place for your little ones when out of home ?.That's what you will say!


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