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MOM & TINY TOTS provides an atmosphere for your TINT TOTS to explore their surrounding environment where they can interact and know themselves better. Having fun with art, discovering basic shapes & figures, exploring different colors & shades, sing simple songs, learn how to move to a rhythm, listening & telling short stories, learning basic discipline and manner and , of course making friends at class are some of the area where our experienced staff focuses. Our ?Child Early Development Program (CELP)? is specially designed to provide space catering to various interest area and specific kind of play, for instance book zone, activities zone, fun & learn area etc.  Child development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occurs in human being between birth and the end of adolescents, as the individual progress from dependency to increasing autonomy.It is a continuous process with a predictable sequence yet having a unique course for every child. It does not progress at the same rate and each state is affected by the preceding type of development. Because these developmental changes may be strongly influenced by genetic factor and events during prenatal life.MOM & TINY TOTS is one of the best play school in Kandivali (West) area. The entire facilities, interiors, play area for kids and the standards of teaching staff makes this center a most learning place for your tiny tots. They have their own pick-up & drop facilities always accompanied by a female s... 


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