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Benefits of Long term Student EMI*

Health Insurance for Children

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Life Insurance for Parents

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What is Brainybatch Long term Student Loan*?

Apply for higher education and get us as your bank for Annual fees and other
educational expenses

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standard EMI

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Vocational Courses

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Our Vision

Brainybatch is an online platform, for Parents and Educational Institutions, striving to provide technology driven solutions to make relevant education affordable and accessible.

As rewarding as it may be, education is an expensive and risky investment. But that has never stopped parents from going the extra mile because they understand the long term benefits it offers. The foundation provided by good quality education secures a successful future for children.

The Long Term Student EMI* product is loan that helps reduce the financial burden for parents, with benefits extended to educational expenses from kindergarten to higher studies.

To shape our collective social future, we have offerings to enable a young budding mind in making an informed and suited career choice, all by themselves!

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