What is Brainybatch ?

Brainybatch is an online platform that provides students easy access
to affordable education.

What do we do?

Brainybatch is an online platform, for education seekers and providers, striving to provide technology driven solutions to make education accessible and affordable. The website is a storehouse of over 67,000 institutions (schools and colleges - UG & PG) in India and abroad. It helps students browse and select the right institution for their education across varying subjects including Management, Law, Design, Medicine and Media. In parallel, the company also works with educational institutions to simplify the admission process and provide students with sufficient information such as course details, fee structure, admission criteria, placement options, brochures etc.

On July 2013 Brainybatch was officially launched by 20 members, a team of friends, web designers and engineers, with the common goal of providing a digital platform to education seekers to help them make the right choice for their future.

Who are we?

We are a passionate team working towards improving the education system in the country. As a company, we strive to make education accessible and affordable through technology driven solutions and other added value services. The everyday goal of the team is to build a platform that improves the operational efficiency of institutions and helps students gain easy access to institutions across the country.

Why we do what we do?

The quality of social and economic opportunities encountered by a person relies a lot upon their choice of educational institutions. The right education is an investment that can make or break the future of a person's life. An investment as risky and rewarding as that costs a lot of money. However, parents are willing to always go that extra mile with regard to educational expenses as it affects the future of their children.

Due to the high risks involved, parents and students are always under immense pressure to make the smart choice in this matter. Brainybatch, in alignment with this sentiment and responsibility, aims to assist parents and students in investing in the right course and institution. With advanced digital solutions, Brainybatch supports parents in finding the right fit based on performance through a stress-free experience.

Brainybatch simplifies the admission process through one generic application form that students may use to apply to many institutions. The company provides institutions with ample support to create an experience on the website quite similar to the one of visiting the actual campus. This provides a hassle free experience for students to select and apply to colleges as per their choice.

Brainybatch caters to institutions by connecting them with millions of students and streamlining their admission process.

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