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Sanskriti, which means tradition, stands true to its name and believes in creating a learning environment like that of traditional times, where children learn while belonging to their learning environment, feeling responsible for it, and the adults in this learning environment take up the role of adults in the family.


The focus here is to refine the overall personality of the child keeping in mind his/her physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development. The idea is also not to blindly push the child to excel in one area while leaving behind the other areas and his/her peers behind. The students are encouraged to value and understand the spirit behind each activity and help everybody to reach their optimum potential. And the children do so to realize that this doesn?t in any way dilute their own performance, but actually go on to enrich their personalities.


We believe, in Sanskriti, that a child is much more than the performances he/she portrays in the activities that are a part of the school curriculum and that each one has to be given a fair chance to understand that the skills learnt in the process are not the end in themselves but a medium to attain wholesome personalities.


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