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 Howard Gardner?s (Harvard) theory of Multiple Intelligence provides the framework for teaching and learning at Little Einsteins pre-school. Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor at Harvard University developed the Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory in 1983. He proposed that there are at least 8 basic intelligences: Visual/spatial, musical, verbal/linguistic, logical/ mathematical, inter-personal, intra-personal, bodily/ kinesthetic and naturalist. He argues that students will be better served by a broader vision of education, where teachers use different methodologies, exercises and activities to reach all students, not just those who excel at linguistic and logical intelligence. We, at Little Einsteins, have developed the curriculum and the activities in such a way as to cater to all the different learning styles. Our multifaceted approach to teaching incorporates each of the eight major intellectual domains defined by Dr. Gardner, and provides opportunities for each student to use his or her unique intelligence to understand the subject matter. Each child is a potential genius! Quick, spontaneous and joyous learning takes place in a child till age 8. The more opportunities they are exposed to during this period, the greater their capacity to learn and discover their unique talents. We, at Little Einsteins, seek to provide this for your children.....


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