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We are into our second innings as a preschool, we have established ourselves well in the field and have lived up to the expectations of the parents. The terminal behavior of the students is indication of the hard work and sincerity of our staff. The curriculum is so prepared that the child has an all round development in social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional growth. The child develops into a balanced person.We cater for the education of toddlers in the age group of 18 months to 6 years. Based on the fact that the child's brain grows to its fullest in the age span of 0-6 yrs the activities for the chld ignite the imagination and thinking facility and kindle the urge in him to do it himself. The child becomes independent and confident.Play is emphasized and in the course of play the stress free learning is carried out by our trained teachers and staff.To provide a friendly & economical centre of learning for the child in the neighborhood to enable the child to be a balanced and independent personPlay is essential to a child and is the basic mode of learning. The curriculum lends support to the child to be creative, discover things around him, interact with peers and gain self confidence. Themes are carefully chosen and various equipment and resources act as catalysts in the development of the child in his nascent years. The curriculum lays emphasis in the child's physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative development.The participation of the parents in the child?s learning process is encouraged. The interaction of the parents with school authorities is optimum. The parents are assisted in parenting and bringing up of the child. The parents are encouraged to participate in school programmes and activities. This enhances the child's understanding of his social responsibilities.Our approach is far beyond the usual preconceived notions and methodologies of teaching.The three dimensions of the learning process are: "Jolly Kidz" serves as feeder to the primary level education for toddlers in the age group 18 months to 6 years. We create an environment which provides a positive atmosphere for the growth of the child in physical, intellectual, emotional and creative growth of the child.The centre's curriculum is conceptualized for the following four age groups:The centre also has activities for various age groups to channelize their energies in the summer vacations by holding summer camps and other creative activities for them as per their potential and interest.The centre is open from June to May for 52 weeks of the year. The Preschool working hours are from 09:30 hrs to 12:30 hrs For KG-1 & KG-2 ? 09:30 hrs to 13:30 hrsSai was one of the first child to join this school. We had seen a number of schools; but felt confident about this school and put our child in for his early education and formatic yearsWe have been extremely happy with the way sai has been groomed. He has learnt a lot and has good confidence in himself and what he does.The school involves the parents and the all round development insured. The homework and things to be done during holidays keep children involved and learning continuously.I and sanjeev whole heartedly congratulate the staff for their good job.Keep it up !!-Snigdha (Sai's Mother)When my child started coming to school I was apprehensive if he will be able to take to the new environment ? new people new children ? everything new and no mother!!I was in for a surprise as my child not only adopted to the school, soon he was an anjniarp to go to school.He has learnt a lot. For a child of his age knowing what he knows is remarkable. He is picking up good habits along with his learningParent teacher relation is excellent and here is openness and transparency. The teacher give detailed feedback and seek help in some departments of the child?s learning Abbas loves his school and we as parents stand by him for his love for the school as they all care and love him so much.Good job !!-Tasneem (Abbas's Mother)My Child Rashida has taken to school like fish to water. She is happy to come to school and eagerly looks forward to that every morning.She has learnt shapes, colours, fruits and vegetables. She has also been taught how to brush her teeth.Personalised care is taken by the teachers and staff for the child which is evident from her eagerness to go school.We wish the school and staff all the best.Thank You.-Durriya (Rashida's Mother)Jolly Kidz has been a great school to be with, my daughter joanne has been trained really well. The school (management & staff) have done a great job in training my child she has improved big time. The school had been through different phase but the "never give up spirit" by the principal was superb. He has actually been a great person. I really happy to have Joanne study here Overall content with the teaching, up bringing pray God's hand always reset on the school-V.R. Navin Kumar (Joanne Reginald's Father)Jolly kidz has been an ideal place to start school for Ajay. He is very active and energetic and Jolly Kidz is a place where his energy is channeld into the right direction He recognizes alphabets, colours, shapes, fruits, vegitables, types of clothes. He loves to sing rhymes, songs and tell stories.He is very imaginative. he has learnt values such as sharing. He is learning to speak and understand Hindi as well, in addition to english. The encouragement and attention given to Ajay here is greatThank you to the teachers and management of Jolly kidzBest wishes-Rahirajita Srinivas (Ajay Kokul's Mother)


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