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Mrs.Tahmina Anjum is a veteran in the field of Montessori education having more than 30 years of teaching in different countries around the world that include USA, Australia, UAE and India. She is the Directress of Education at the school and is relentless in her efforts of trying to improve the academic and social milieu of the children in the school. The following is her view on the methodology and philosophy of child education.From the time to birth most children are ready to learn. It is the teachers and parents responsibility to how much the child will learn. The current education practice of testing children for kindergarten entry and placement, raising the entrance age to kindergarten, adding an extra transitional year between first grade and kindergarten, and detaining children in preschool, kindergarten or first grade are attempts to obtain an older more capable cohort of children at each grade level.Children?s interests and ?need to know? motivate learning. Children have a need to make sense of their experiences. In a developmentally appropriate classroom, teachers identify what intrigues their children and then allow the students to solve problems together. Activities that are based on children?s interests provide motivation for learning. This fosters a love of learning, curiosity, attention, and self-direction.Children construct knowledge. Knowledge is constructed as a result of dynamic interactions between the individual and the physical and social environments. In a sense the child discovers knowledge through active experimentation. Central to experimentation is making ?constructive errors? that are necessary to mental development. Children need to form their own hypotheses and keep trying them out through mental actions and physical manipulations ? observing what happens, comparing their findings, asking questions, and discovering answers ? and adjust the model or alter the manner of learning.?Source: Business website


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