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At Kathashala, an institute located in a Noida playschool, you learn how to spin stories Simi Srivastava believes some of life?s biggest lessons can be learnt through stories. Srivastava, 41, is the founder director of Kathashala ? a storytelling institute located in a playschool in Noida where every Thursday, children gather to hear stories. For Children it has interactive, fun filled and high energy sessions on story telling. The first story telling studio was launched in Noida in Feb?. Sessions are held on Thursday vening for children in the age group of 3 to 12 years. Simi uses various performing art forms to narrate a story. At times she reads to them, at times she uses puppets, story sheets, masks, traditional toys or she just sings it or enacts it out to them. Every session is a complete different experience. A lot of work is done before hand so that the learning outcomes are all woven into the session both through narration and the activities. One place, where the children are encouraged to scream, yell, jump, lie down and do things that make them feel comfortable while listening to a story. The noise factor not only brings in joy to the session but helps the children to unwind and vent out. This helps them to enjoy the story more and relate to it in a better way. The venue is a playschool and hence is full of colours. The kids are not confined to the four walls alone on a day when the weather allows, they move outdoors in the open to enjoy the story.


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