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FAQ for Customers

Our DMIT Training Program Divided Into 8 Modules.

1. Introduction to Dermatoglyphics & multiple intelligence Test

2. Brain Structures and Lobe Functions

3. Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations

4. Understanding Types of Fingerprints Patterns & Personality Types

5. Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner's M.I. Theory)

6. Understanding Advanced Fingerprints Analysis

7.Understanding Learning and Acquiring Styles, Personality types & Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)

8.Interpretation of DMIT Report and Counselling Guidelines

DMIT Training Fingerprints Analysis online Training India, Alphabrains Provides a comprehensive online training module aims to deliver complete DMIT training through an audio Video presentation.

DMIT Report Accuracy is depends on Fingerprint Analyst and DMIT Software Technology.

1. Alphabrains is an International Certified Company. All Our Fingerprint Analysts are certified and Qualified Professionals.

2. Our DMIT Software Built on using AFIS Technology. Our DMIT Software Comes with Semi-Automatic Process. Fingerprint Analysis will be done manual and software both. DMIT Report will be generated using Software. By Which Semi-Automatic Process we get 95% Report Accuracy.

3. If you want to check real time Report Accuracy, we always recommend. First Take your Own DMIT Test with us, Send us your Scanned copy of fingerprints. We will send you the reports, then see the results. We assure that you will be 100% satisfy with our report accuracy.

1. After your DMIT Training Program, 40 Minutes Online Test will be conducted. To get our authorized Certificate you need to pass with minimum of 60% Marks. Suppose if you are not able to pass with 60% Marks. Again you will be allowed to attend Test after 2 months.

2. You will have four attempts to get our authorized Certificate.

3. Let us look at, how our online Test will be conducted as demonstrated Video.

After your payment Confirmation, We Will Deliver Following Details.

1. You will receive DMIT Training Login ID and Password. Which you can start your Training.

2. DMIT Software Drivers with How to install Video Tutorial. By which you can install smoothly.

3. DMIT scanning Software Exe File with Admin Login ID & Password.

4. How to Use DMIT Software Video Tutorial.

Note, if you are not Computer familiar, Feel free to Contact us. We install and Setup through remote Control. (for this support Download TeamViewer and Send us, ID & Password).

1. Answer to your quotation how long it takes time get done.?

2. If you make payment through online, after transition immediately you will receive an Email with DMIT Training Login Details with user ID and Password along with DMIT software Drivers.

3. If you make payment through NEFT or Bank Transfer, After Payment Confirmation, we need to create Login ID and password. Which will take 2 working days to complete this process.

Yes it is 100% same and sure. After your payment, you will receive an Email with DMIT Training Page Login User ID and Password.

Benefits of Online DMIT Training When Compared to offline training.

  • Convenient: 24/7 any time you can learn. (Learn whenever you are free).
  • Immediate and Cost-Effective: It is immediately available, No need to wait for new batch.
  • You can Save Travel Cost, accommodation costs and Other Expenses while Traveling.
  • Save Time & Money: as we Know Time is Money, You can save your valuable time, you no need to postponed your present work, Learn online with your comfort time.

Let's look at Video Demo How our Online DMIT Training Module Works.

We understand Marketing is the Key role in any business. Your success depends on your Marketing plan & Strategy.

As per our Marketing Experience, to Succeed in any business, we need to have Short Term and Long Term Marketing Plan.

After your Franchise Agreement. We Provide Marketing Training through Online.

  • Our Marketing Training Includes.
  • Short Term Marketing Strategy.
  • Long Term Marketing Strategy.
  • Understanding Push & Pull Marketing Strategy

There are over 800 research papers available on Fingerprints & Dermatoglyphs In below Description can find top International Journals Research paper.

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  • The association between dermatoglyphics & schizophrenia by using fingerprint asymmetry methods.

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  • About Dermatoglyphics in Gov Website.

Dermatoglyphics In Indian Gov Website.

  • Quantifying the Dermatoglyphic Growth Patterns in Children through Adolescence.

Research paper has published by the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • Assessment of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.

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  • Relation between fingerprints and different blood groups.

Research paper published by

  • Dermatoglyphic Patterns and Aggressive Periodontal Diseases.

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  • Dermatoglyphics as a genetic tool and bioindicator to detect in recurrent pregnancy loss.

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  • Fingerprint formation.

Published by Journal of Theoretical Biology and

So for we talk about Research paper, still you want find Real-time reliable of DMIT Test.?

We Highly Recommend, first Take your Own DMIT test and then see the Results. After your DMIT Test result, if you feel it's reliable and trustworthy. Then take franchise with us.

If you are new to DMIT Industry. Then we recommend, start with DMIT Franchise.

The reason why you need to take DMIT Franchise is, DMIT is a Knowledge driven Industry. I mean it is like medical Profession Practice business.

Your growth is depends on your knowledge and expertise.

If you work with DMIT Franchise, you will learn many things. You will get good training support and industry updates. It is a good opportunities get industry experience working with franchise.

Like other profession, this is also same. After our degree we work and get experience then we think of own business.

Once you become an expertise in DMIT, then you can think of creating your own brand.Option 2

If you have an experience in DMIT, Then our advice is to buy Enterprise version and create your own brand.

If you are looking for long run business plan. Do check all features and then buy. Don't go for low profile Company with less cost.

Before taking any choice. Think of ROI (Return on Investment) and long run support.

We wish all your dream comes true. Have a great days ahead.