Classes Offered

Classes Age Group Ratio Fees Action
Pre Primary 1 to 6 years 30 : 1 0
Primary 6 to 10 years 30 : 1 0
Middle 10 to 14 years 30 : 1 0
Secondary 14 to 16 years 30 : 1 0
Senior Secondary 16 to 20 years 30 : 1 0

About Us

Gita Convent School was founded in 1980. Its name is synonymous with the teachings and philosophy of Srimad Bhagwad Gita and emphasizes the value of hard work and consistency of thought and value system in life. It aims at providing quality education wherein a sincere attempt is made to incorporate the ancient,timeless values alongwith a progressive scientific khowledge based on quest for learning and experimentation.The school,nestled in the plush green locales in the heart of the city,encompassses an area of 2.87 acres. It boasts of all the amenities that are the prequisites to a modern, progressive and promising institution.The well-manicured lawns,dotted with a line of lush green trees ans a sprawling playground provide the serene and enchanting ambience which is conducive to the learning process of the students.The school which is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi,offers classes upto the Senior Secondary. It has been awarded the prestigeous ISO 9001 : 2000 certification.Satyamev Jayate is the motto of our school. The edifice whose foundation is laid on the bricks and mortar oftruth is serene, graceful and permanent. The true strength of our school lies in its commitment to the upliftment of every section of the society. Subsidised quality education is need of the , society and the school has filled this vacuum in a very respectful manner.We have workshops on themes that touch the life of the students and staff. We encourage them to speak their minds, to come out with those creative ideas which are going to make all the difference in their life. We teach them to value ideas and pursue them with vigor and rigor.Therefore, the school invites all the stakeholders in the noble cause of educating parents, teachers, students and the society to come together and make teaching-learning in the school a joyful and meaningful experience.


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