Which Are the State Wise top MBA Colleges in India

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You have already decided to choose MBA as your career choice, but what about choosing the right MBA Institution? Here are some of the best MBA Colleges in India, segregated state wise for students’ convenience.

1) MBA Schools in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh provides some very good quality MBA Colleges that strives to provide quality education. The list given includes MBA Colleges from Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijaywada, Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Tirupati and Secunderbad. These top MBA Colleges in AP offer varied courses of specialization to their students. They include – ICFAIAN Business School, Indian School of Business, Anwar-Ul-Uloom College, Andhra Vidyalaya College Dept. of Business Management, Apollo Institute of Hospital Admin, Badruka College Post College.

2) MBA Schools in Arunachal Pradesh:

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Himalayan University, Arunachal University of Studies, Rajiv Gandhi University, Venkateshwara Open University, Vishnu Institute of Technology, Sir C.R. Reddy College of Engineering, are some of the prestigious MBA Schools situated in Arunachal Pradesh.

3) MBA Schools in Assam:

Assam Institute of Management, Gauhati University Department of Business Administration, North Eastern Regional Institute of Management, and Dibrugarh University are some of the Universities in Assam, famous for the MBA Courses that they offer.

4) MBA Schools in Bihar:

Xavier Labor Relations Institute, Institute of Business Management, L N Mithila University, Birla Institute of Technology Department of Management, Institute of System Management, IMAM College of Business Management & Science, Institute of Business Management, L N Mishra Institute of Economic Development & Social Change, Patna University are some of the MBA Schools in Bihar. BrainyBatch offers information about each and every college mentioned in this list and many much more!

5) MBA Schools in Delhi:

Delhi, being the capital of the country, is bound to offer some of the best MBA Colleges in Country. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Apeejay School of Management, Asian Institute of Management Studies, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Bharti Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Research, Birla Institute of Management & Tech, and some others are some of the best MBA Schools in Delhi.

6) MBA Schools in Goa:

MBA Schools in Goa includes Goa Institute of Management and Faculty of Management Studies. These colleges are very prestigious and well-known for the course of MBA, and certainly offer education for EMI, and other ways of loans.


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7) MBA Schools in Gujarat:

Gujarat is on the brink of turning into an important business destination of the future. These schools are not far behind and offer top and education to its students. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) situated in Ahmedabad has been ranked as number one college in the field of management for a long time now. Universities than IIM includes Gujarat University, ICFAIAN Business School, Nirma Institute of Management, S V Institute of Management, among others.

8) MBA Schools in Haryana:

Many of the schools of MBA in Haryana are backed up by good infrastructure and very impressive track records. Shri Atmanand Jain Institute of Management & Technology, K N Aggarwal Institute of Management, Institute of Management & Technology, Mohita Centre for Management Studies, Anupama Institute of Management, Management Development Institutement, DAV Institute OP Management Studies DAV Centenary College are some of the top institutes in the state of Haryana.

9) MBA Schools in Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh University offers a whole lot of courses related to Masters in Business and Management. DR YS Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, located in the city of Naini, even offers professional course of MBA.

10) MBA Schools in Jammu & Kashmir:

Department of Management Studies University of Jammu, Priyadarshni Institute of Management & Sciences and Kashmir University are some of the universities that offers the course of MBA in this beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir.

11) MBA Schools in Jharkhand:

Jharkhand is now counted as one of the most important industrial hub in India and also features some impressive business schools. Indian School of Mines, Buddha Institute of Management, Indian School of Management, S N Sinha Institute of Business Management, Xavier Labor Relation institute (XLRI) Institute of Management and Labor Studies are some of the well known institutes in the place.

12) MBA Schools in Karnataka:

The state of Karnataka has some of the best MBA Schools in India, with many business schools figuring in the All India top 20 many of the best MBA Schools regularly churn out talented youngsters who then achieve huge success in the business world! Administrative Management College, Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore University, BMS College of Engineering University, Christ University are some of the top MBA Schools situated in the locality of Karnataka.

13) MBA Schools in Kerala:

School of Communication and Management Studies Management House, Cochin University, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode are some of the prestigious schools in Kerala.

14) MBA Schools in Madhya Pradesh:

The field of MBA has flourished in the state of Madhya Pradesh rather beautifully. These are some of the best institutions in MP – CR Institute of Management Barkatullah University, Institute of Professional Education & Research, Indian Institute of Management Indore and so much more!

15) MBA Schools in Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is considered as the commercial hub of India. Some of the well-known institutes include Symbiosis, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Tata Institute of Social Sciences – the list is endless! These are some of the top, well known, and most popular MBA Schools in Maharashtra.


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16) MBA Schools in Manipur:

Manipur might have lesser colleges as compared to other states, but the colleges here are prestigious ones at that. Manipur Institute of MGMT Studies is one of the commendable ones in Manipur, situated in the city of Imphal

17) MBA Schools in Orissa:

Orissa has some of the best MBA colleges, especially with almost all of them having proven track records. The colleges have a set of disciplines – eerily similar in almost all of the colleges. Xavier Institute of Management, Behrampur University Department of Business Administration, Academy of Management Studies, Bhubaneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology are some of those colleges.

18) MBA Schools in Pondicherry:

Pondicherry University (School of International Studies, School of Management, Centre for Tourism Studies) might be considered as the top most well-known, and equally good in quality of education, MBA School in Pondicherry.

19) MBA Schools in Punjab:

University School of Management, Punjab University, Punjab Institute of Management and Technology, among others, are some of the well-known MBA Schools in Punjab.

20) MBA Schools in Rajasthan:

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University Faculty of Management Studies, Centre for Management Studies & Industrial & Collaboration Malviya Regional Engineering College, Deepshika College of Technical Education, Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Indian Institute of MGMT Science, Indian International School of Management, are some of the commendable, honorable mentions of the colleges offering MBA in Rajasthan.

21) MBA Schools in Sikkim:

EIILM University, ICFAI University, Sikkim Manipal University, Trade-Wings Institute of Management, etc, are some of the well-known MBA Schools located in Sikkim.

22) MBA Schools in Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu hosts a number of top end MBA Colleges that provide high quality education to its student. Some colleges like Bharathidasan Institute of Management, A M Jain Institute of Management, and Loyola Institute of Business Administration, come in the list of top 10 MBA Colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu.

23) MBA Schools in Uttarakhand:

Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Faculty of Management Studies, Crystal India Institute of Management & Technology, Faculty of Commerce & Management are some of the colleges famous in Uttarakhand.

24) MBA Schools in Uttaranchal:

Academy of Management Studies, Institute of Management Studies, Shri Guru Ramrai Institute of Management, Hemwati Nandan Bahugana Garhwal University Dept. of Business Administration are some of the well-known institutions in Uttaranchal.

25) MBA Schools in Uttar Pradesh:

Uttar Pradesh is the home of some of the best MBA Schools, such as Institute of Management Technology (Ghaziabad), IIM Lucknow, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, among others.

26) MBA Schools in West Bengal:

Annex College of Management Studies, Department of Business Management University of Calcutta, IIM Kolkata, among others, are some of the top MBA Schools from the state of West Bengal.

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