What makes Bangalore a favourable destination for students?

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Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state, is attracting students across India, to study here. It is becoming an educational hub for Indian students of all the Indian states. Though students who fly to India, show interest in studying Manipal, Indian students choose Bangalore as their educational destination. One of the major points is that it is also a city for IT professionals where most of the IT companies are located. There are best MBA colleges in Bangalore, creating more opportunities in employment through campus selections just after the completion of studies. Here are some of the points that lay a path to choose Bangalore for studying purposes.

1. Studying and Living

Bangalore is one of the best places to study and earn a job for the living; it is due to the situation of major IT companies. This city is growing at a faster pace in terms of technology and hence termed as “Silicon Valley of India”. Students can easily find best Engineering colleges in Bangalore apart from IIM Bangalore and IISC Bangalore.

2. Safety Concerns

Safety is one of the most important factors and plays a prominent role in the student’s life that comes and studies in Bangalore. Most of the parents check out the safety factor first, when their children select some other place to study, apart from their home state. Bangalore is the state that can be trusted in terms of safety. So students come to learn their courses in best coaching classes in Bangalore.


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3. Pleasant Weather

Weather also plays an important role in selecting a place for the education purpose. Bangalore is a state with pleasant weather all over the year. It does not shower with too much of rains or freeze with it a heavy breeze in winter or saturate with hot summers. Weather is maintained moderately without any extremes, as seen in most of the other Indian cities.

4. Transportation Facilities

Bangalore is a city which is connected to most of the Indian cities through Air or rail or roadways. Most of the people prefer airways to reach from far Indian cities in North, while south Indians prefer railways to reach. In the city, to travel from one place to another place one can take the help of private or public transport, both are affordable. Metro rails make it easier to travel quickly, while roadways take some time due to heavy traffic.


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5. Eat outs in Bangalore

Bangalore being a hub for both education and software employees, food safety is important. This being a place with people living from all Indian cities, even food is available in all the types according to their tastes and traditions. There are plenty of eat-outs in Bangalore that serve clean and safe food. This is a city with a large number of multi-cuisine restaurants present in it. There is no one who does not like street food and they can enjoy their evenings at W Puram, Food Street or Bakery road that serve pani puri to masala dosa. To enjoy the delicious south Indian food then it is must visit Amaravathi, Chettinad, Dakshin, Hyderabad Biryani House, Malgudi, Kamat and other places. These are some to be noted and North Indians can enjoy the yummy food in Pool Side Barbeque, Oye Amritsar, Chalo Punjab, Copper chimney, Kebabs and Kurries and Moti Mahal. Apart from these eateries, there are many other presents, these are some to be pointed out. Bangalore is famous for udipi hotels and they are present in large number to offer only vegetarian food with a huge number of tasty dishes. So veggies no need to worry about their eat outs on weekends or special days. IT professionals also no need to worry about their toddler’s education, as there are plenty of play schools in Bangalore.

6. Cultural Diversity

Bangalore being a city with a huge number of people from other Indian cities, it has various cultures embedded in it. People here do not speak in one language only but can speak any of the Indian languages from English to Telugu. It is a combination of traditions and cultures due to a large number of Indian immigrants. Hence, it has become a cosmopolitan city.


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All the above mentioned six factors make Bangalore as a destination for education, with a huge number of schools, colleges present in it. Apart from studying students have a lot of career opportunities in this city in comparison to the other Indian cities. So enjoy studying in Bangalore with lot of memories.

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