Top 7 tips for finding the right secondary school for your child with autism

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School is important for all the children, but finding the right school as per the requirements of the children is more essential. It may be difficult for those parents to find the right school, whose children are with autism. So, no need to worry here some of the tips that are to be followed to find the best secondary school for children with autism.

7 tips for finding right secondary school

1. Start by talking to your child about what their ‘ideal’ school would be like

The idea of talking with children about their dream schools is the best one, as it tells actually what they are looking for in the schools or in their studies. It is better to make a note of them, it can be from the classroom to transport facility offered to board them to the school. This idea makes them feel happy as their involvement is present in selecting a proper secondary school for them. It can be better to take help from sources such as and show them some visuals of schools, which matches with their ideas.

2. Make a list of all suitable schools in your area and visit as many as possible

Now, the most important step is to check the schools that suit your child’s requirements. Then make a list of best secondary school in Delhi. So that it will be easy for you to select one from them depending on your convenience and number them priority wise. Then make time to visit these schools one after the other, to know the details and personally visiting makes to know much more.

3. When you have a shortlist of schools, discuss them with your child, if appropriate

One of the better ideas is to take the advice of other parents whose children with autism about the appropriate play schools in Mumbai or your locality. When the list of schools is finalized, take some time to discuss these with your kid. Then prepare some questions along with your kid and arrange a meeting with the Educational instructor of the school and discuss the requirements of your kid.

4. Prepare an appropriate transition plan with the school and your child

The next thing is to prepare a rough route map of the school to let your kid know where the library, classrooms, and toilets are located. It is also to make a note of school staff, their classroom teachers as these things help your child. Then try to prepare the timetable for your child as early as possible before the school starts as it’s a time of changeover. It brings in lot anxiety in your child.


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5. Challenge the local authority if they disagree with you about your child’s school

It is utmost important for a child to study in the appropriate school and in case if there is any need of specialist placements, it has to be get done. This is because the needs of your child might not be available in other schools or the school that is listed by the local authority. So don’t fear to challenge your local authority about the placement of your child in the appropriate school. If it is needed then approach tribunal service, overall it’s the right of the child to study in a school as per their needs.

6. Make sure you have lots of evidence to back-up what your child need

In case of the tribunal, it is essential to file up all the evidence, such as phone calls, meetings, emails, notes, reports and children school file. Then document everything along with the unedited school file from the school.

7. Stay positive

The most important thing is to be strong enough and be positive in the due course of the tribunal. Patience is what required for parents and children, to give your kid appropriate education as per their needs.

All the above seven tips help in finding an appropriate and right school for your child with autism, as per the requirements.

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