Paperback Vs PDF in 21st Century: Relevance of Book Fair

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The 42nd International Kolkata Book Fair, organized every year around this time, has the purpose of developing the love for paperbacks, which is lost in today’s digital age. Books worth around Rs. 10 crore have been sold out so far. On an average, the book fair has witnessed 1 lakh of people visiting on working days, while 2 lakh people were present during the last weekend. All of this happened in spite of the change in venue to Central Park in Salt Lake.

The book fair has opened on January 31st and will be likely to conclude on February 11th

"Unlike in past editions, this time we have seen that most of the visitors are buying books, mostly in Bengali. The highest purchase till now has been made by a person from Mumbai, who bought Bengali titles worth Rs. 1.4 lakh," said Sudhangshu Dey, the president of the Publishers and Booksellers Guild.

"This shows that while the present-day generation of readers will undoubtedly search Google for general knowledge and relevant information, they cannot be weaned away from the smell of paperbacks and bound volumes of classics and modern day fictions," were the words of Mr. Dey, when it was recorded that high purchases were made in the range of Rs. 25,000-40,000 with the addition of many visitors purchasing books worth Rs. 5000-6000.

“New technology does not come in the way of time-tested traditions like book reading,” said a Veteran Bengali Writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, who is also a Sahitya Akademi award holder, in context to this huge, innovative book fair.

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