NDLI's Prosperous Step to Enhance the Knowledge Access for Scholars and Researchers of Country

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India has taken a fine initiative to globalize its access to knowledge by collaborating with various international libraries. The National Digital Library of India (NDLI) has announced to enhance the globalization of education and knowledge through world class digital libraries' collaboration. This was the key announcement at a UNESCO international workshop in Delhi last week. Kharagpur, IIT was the association partner of the workshop with UNESCO. UNESCO also promised to spread the access of international digital libraries for resource sharing to all SAARC countries, including India.

Professor P P Das, the NDLI in-charge has said that it is necessary to make information available in data, technology or content form. European Foundation has been given the task to develop digital cultural heritage platform for Europe. There are few libraries that showed interest to collaborate with NDLI. Tainacan Project, National Library of the Netherlands, National library of South Africa and National library of Nepal are few of those.

Besides, NDLI, there were many other respectable domains participated in the international workshop. Representatives from Microsoft, Google, Taylor & Francis are worth mentioning among the 200 participating domains.

The workshop organized by UNESCO was a deliberation of internationally accepted State-of- the-Art technologies, policies and practices for digital library design. The NDLI project was financed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India. It aimed to create an academic asset for curious students aspiring for researches in the national platform.

The national library of Delhi has become the leading digital academic reserve source of the country. It approximately contains 1.26 crore content resources. This has brought an eminent change in the search of information and data for the researchers and readers in general. The online portal, (https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/) was launched a year back. Presently it hosts more than 12 million contents in over 100 languages. This whole reserve of knowledge is sourced from almost 150 publishers.

With the key announcement made by NDLI last week let's hope to dig this knowledge reserve deeper for the well and good for the future researchers.


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