MO School - Campaign for Children on the Children's day

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Naveen Patanaik, Odisha's Chief Minister, was seen spending some quality time in company of students today, at the state-level Children's Day celebrations. It was there that a number of announcements were made to take the education sector in the state to the next level. Mr. Patanaik announced the campaign, which goes by the name 'Mo School', to promote and facilitate volunteerism to give back to alma maters.

Opinion of Mr. Naveen Patanaik
"Each one of us has got an emotional attachment to the school we have studied. In some way or other we want to be connected to our school. Small or big, we want to contribute to the development of our school. In this context, I announce MO SCHOOL campaign. This campaign will promote and facilitate volunteerism to give back to our alma maters", he said.

"Many of you want to donate something to your school, put up a science lab or library, provide scholarships, volunteer your time to teach students and promote sports in schools. Mo School campaign will facilitate all of this- it will provide a platform where you connect to your childhood memory and be a part of the change you want to see in your schools.

I commit that whatever is contributed in terms of funds for developing our schools, the state will contribute double the amount. I announce an initial corpus of Rupees one hundred crore for this initiative".

Mr. Patanaik decided to award the best three schools of every block with a cash award of rupees one lakh each, which will then be distributed among the teachers.

Mr. Patanaik's statement through a Facebook post
"Odisha has reached a certain level in most indicators of development .Education will take us its next defining moment and level. If you look at the history of civilization, the greatest transformation has come about with education. Progress of nations in the world has shown that nurturing children and empowering them through education has played the single most transformative role in taking them to the next level. With our focus on quality education, we can take our state to the next level. This can happen when all of us join together in a movement,"


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