Brainybatch launches NO COST EMI in collaboration with Bank and NBFCs in the education sector

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Brainybatch has always been one of the top developments in the Education sector. To reinforce its mandate of “Making Education Relevant, Accessible & Affordable”, it introduced the revolutionary and hassle-free scheme of NO COST EMI, in friendly collaboration with Bank and Non-Banking Financial Companies. No cost EMI is basically a type of education loan where students opt for EMI of 3, 6, or 9 months for fulfilling their Annual Fee Payment and all other Educational expenses such as tuition fees, hostel fees, books, etc. This scheme is actually pretty awesome from students’ point of view, as there is no extra expenditure rather than strictly necessary.

Brainybatch is simple to navigate and user-friendly enough for the clients to understand the entire online admission application process along with the payment gateway service. The SOP of the unique model is that Brainybatch have all kinds of information related to educational institutions on a single portal to make sure the parents/students have to no longer look at different places physically or digitally for finding universities, colleges, schools and play schools or coaching center. Every institution has a unique web-link in their Brainybatch profile that they could use to publish their own application on their institution. Basically, it’s going to be like the BookMyShow of the educational system, where searching, filtering and booking for an institute for your kid will be as easy as booking movie tickets are. It is an effective tool that helps you to optimize your application process for schools & colleges. It helps to save money as well as your precious time while you are at it.

This NO COST EMI scheme has been around for a relatively long time and has been implemented by all other sectors. EMI has been available for everything – the categories range from groceries, Smartphones, to cars and even gold – but not the Education sector, where it is needed the most. Now that Brainybatch has come up with this scheme, it is like an EMI is available on the Education itself. Education is the right of each and every individual of our country – and now, the No cost EMI has now made attaining education extremely easy.

Rohit Dhar, CEO & Co-Founder of Brainybatch, said that, Brainybatch affirms that one can take admission to a school or a college across the country online without paying the full amount. Instead of this, you can now pay equal monthly installments. Moreover, due to this offer, you do not have to pay an extra charge to the banks! For this, Brainybatch associated with Bank & NBFCs in the education sector to make this ‘No cost EMI' deal possible.

‘No Cost EMI' is something that does not charge interest or dispensation fee from the credit card. Instead of the bank, the seller will offer you ‘No Cost EMI'. The seller will give you an honest discount. And the bank will charge an interest from you that equals to the discount. So at the end, you are not paying extra money for your EMI. Apart from the taxes, there will be zero down payment and zero processing fees.

Brainybatch is available to for funding for all types of Education Institution's fees, including play schools, grade schools, colleges, Universities, as well as Coaching and Vocational Classes.

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