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About Us

The Samaritan Residential Schools is managed by the Samaritan Educational Trust with quality education at the core of its mission. The Samaritan Residential Schools was officially started in 1994. The vision of the school is to offer quality education irrespective of race, creed, social standing or economic status.

The Samaritan Residential Schools started with less than 100 students more than 15 years ago. Since then, the development of the institution in terms of facilities and infrastructure has been tremendous when compared to its humble beginnings. The schools can now support several hundred students on campus.

With high priority on personal development and character building, the quality of education provided in Samaritans has been enhanced with the positive changes in our students. The Schools are looking forward to healthy growth and expansions as well as recognition as our alumni are spreading to all corners of the globe in their careers and educational pursuits.


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