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Play schools N/A Rs 2500

About Us

Children don?t need ?preschools?! They need ?nurturing environments? that help enhance their all round growth to give them a lifelong foundation of healthy development. It is a sad ?fad? to make children as young as 2 and 3 years hold a pencil and write letters and numbers. It is sadder that at an age when children have not developed their social skills they are interviewed in the name of education. It is ever sadder when children are packed off to ?preschools? that focus only on formal teaching and not on learning life skills. Jumbo Kids has evolved a unique system of education ?Kiducation', which means, it follows the child's needs according to the growing developmental stage. The teachers are taught to reason and question any new/old idea before applying it in the classroom; to think from the point of view of the child?s age and needs. Old songs, ideas, concepts are removed if they confuse or disturb children. Age old nursery rhymes and fairy tales or folk tales are changed or incorporated  to suit present day needs and to bring about positive teaching with them.


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