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?OJAS? play school is created to serve the needs of the international community in Chennai, which enables the parents who work, study or entering in to employment to access affordable childcare that offers good quality coupled with ancient Indian values and excellent range of activities for children to enjoy and evolve naturally.  At 'OJAS' play school, we see every child as a soul in evolution and provide a platform for the young children to evolve naturally. 'OJAS' play school is shaped "TO NURTURE YOUR CHILDREN?S BODY, MIND AND CONSIOUSNESS INTEGERALLY". 'OJAS' provides an ideal environment for the children to unfold in harmony within themselves and with the world around them.  Each & every child?s early learning years are very important and when it comes to choosing an early education center, you need to be sure it will provide not only standard academics but also ancient Indian way of teaching values and self-knowledge and at ?OJAS? play school we give equal weightage to academics and self-knowledge integrally. Providing the very best in preschool education, our integral education teachers will support your child to experience a wide variety of new activities, learn new skills and develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Mission - To nurture your children?s body, mind and consciousness integrally.


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