About the Campus Ambassador Program

The Campus Ambassador (CA) Program is meant for undergraduate and post-graduate students of colleges in India. As a CA, you will be the face of Brainybatch in your campus.

Overall objective of the program is to introduce facilities provided by Brainybatch:

  1. Search School/Colleges
  2. Compare Schools & Colleges
  3. Online Application for Admission Process

Main Activities to be undertaken is to create awareness among the students in your campus:

  1. Regarding the significance of an education portal like Brainybatch which has detailed information about institutions that could help students & parents to make one of the most important decisions in their life
  2. To promote benefits of Brainybatch via Social Media like Facebook, twitter, blogs, groups, WhatsApp, Skype, Youtube and relevant websites
  3. To organise education-related events in your campus sharing features offered by Brainybatch
  4. Help your institute to get listed on Brainybatch portal and use FREE Online Application Serivce hosted by Brainybatch
  5. Promote city-wide events related to education in your campus and discuss features offered by Brainybatch


  1. Get a Brainybatch certificate : Campus Ambassador of the largest Education Platform
  2. Get yourself listed on Brainybatch team page as a Campus Ambassador
  3. Get bookMyShow tickets!
  4. How do you get these by accomplishing 3 respective tasks:

    1. Share student name, phone number and email address for more than 500 students in a spreadsheet (preferably in a Google spreadsheet). Email: -> you get a Brainybatch Campus Ambassador certificate
    2. Get your school/college listed on Brainybatch and subscribe to Brainybatch online admission application - it's completely free for institutions so it's easy for you to talk to your institution administration -> You get listed as a part of the team page with your photo in it!
    3. Refer other students to Brainybatch Campus Ambassador Program and on each conversion of a Campus Ambassador -> you will get 2 bookMyShow tickets!

Why Should you Apply ?

  1. Great opportunity to learn about online and offline marketing
  2. Build a strong network in the student community across India
  3. Earn a certificate on successful completion of the Campus Ambassador Program - 6 Months

Who Are We Looking For?

  1. Enthusiastic and proactive students
  2. Students who are interested in Marketing
  3. Sociable and confident individuals

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