Classes Offered

Classes Age Group Ratio Fees Action
Pre Primary 1 to 6 years 40 : 1 0
Primary 6 to 10 years 40 : 1 0
Middle 10 to 14 years 40 : 1 0
Secondary 14 to 16 years 40 : 1 0
Senior Secondary 16 to 20 years 40 : 1 0

About Us

Mr. Srinivasan draws his energy from his GURU Shri. B. Varma (late) of Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, his Mentor Prof. J. Renzulli of National Research Center on Gifted & Talented, UCON, USA and eminent teachers and associates from all over the world. He continues to learn something rare from every one of his students. His students are his ultimate teachers. He has dedicated his life to them.Mr. Srinivasan's plan is to herald a new era of Teaching Talents Development and Developing Education Standards. He doesn't want to look back having left a merit Engineering seat and taken up education in 1970.He has propounded the education model called CIPE which stands for Creative, Inventive, & Productive Excelment. Excelment is a composite concept that combines talents development processes like Exploration, Acceleration and Enrichment. His model of school is called School Beyond Walls, in which the source of knowledge generation, that is the real life, plays a vital role in making the curriculum meaningful and dynamic.Mr. Srinivasan was the National Delegate to the 11th World Conference on Gifted & Talented, Hong Kong. He has also been a long standing member of various international organizations like Creative Education Foundation, New York, USA; National Association for Gifted Children, London, UK; National Association for Gifted Children, Washington DC, USA; The World Council for Gifted & Talented Children, Iowa, USA; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, USA. He is also a member of the Executive Board of International Montessori Accreditation Council, USA.Mr. Srinivasan is the Founder and Chairman of GEAR [Gifted Education And Research] Foundation, Bangalore. Mr. Srinivasan's vision is to establish the GEAR ED VILLAGE campus consisting of The Innovative International (Day / Boarding) School (Beyond Walls), a Research and Development Institute, a Super Talent Center and an Education Leadership & Research Institute to create world leaders in School Education. He has dedicated his life to develop the gifts and talents of EVERY CHILD through his education model called CIPE - Creative, Inventive & Productive Excelment. His vision is to create a Learning Community, which will adopt cutting edge strategies, state of the art technologies and be rooted to unique values of one's culture.


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