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Kara4Kids is one of Bangalore?s leading Provider of Infant Care, Preschool & Extended Day Care facilities (up to 7.30pm), founded after 3 years research into the ?best practices? adopted by the three leading Countries in this field, namely, the US., UK (Montessori) and Italy (Regio Emilia), then adapted to the Indian Culture and milieu...Kara4Kids has 2 Centres in Indiranagar & HSR Layout and more Centres are planned through organic-growth ; K4K is not a Sausage factory for ?identi-kids?, but a Boutique institution where each child is ?mapped? and their development is treated individually and regular Reports are provided to the Parents, showing Progress.Indeed we have kids whose Parents work for all the top Corporates in town including Goldman Sachs, Accenture, CapGemini, Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, Amazon, Target, Cisco, Texas Instruments, Tesco, Toyota, name it.Study after Study shows that a good Preschool education virtually predicates the foundation for success in future life...Indeed the reason for the ?transformation? is not very difficult to understand. The daily stimulus of rubbing shoulders with 20 other bright kids, from 20 other bright Parents like yourselves creates an environment/buzz, which is impossible to replicate at home. The results are there for all to see...Another reason why we attract Professionals is because of our Director's Corporate background of over 50 years. He has been Chairman of two companies listed on the BSE and a MD of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. As a result Kara Learning Pvt Ltd is run strictly on corporate lines...we are not a Mom and Pop shop.Our Support Staff, who would normally be working as Domestics in Homes, are all given, apart from their salaries which are the highest in the industry, all additional benefits like Provident Fund, ESI (Medical Insurance), Retirement Gratuity, Regular medical check-ups, 3 sets of Uniforms, Annual Bonus, maternity leave,  annual leave, medical leave, casual leave etc etc. The result is a natural attrition rate of less than 1% !The ratio of adults to support staff is the highest in the country, so that no child is left unattended at any time. We also believe in the ?natural rhythm of childhood? that is we are a boutique institution where all children are allowed to grow at their own pace and in their own time...we are not a Sausage (read Franchise) factory for identi-kids and have chosen this route deliberately because we believe passionately in our cause...We also have an Open-Door Policy, unlike many preschools, you can visit your child at any time without an appointment as Kara is designed to be a Home away from Home and you don?t need an invitation to visit your own home.  Indeed some of the non-working Moms have formed an unofficial ?Club? and often meet at the school to pass the time of day comparing notes.. !FollowMy little girl, Tamaki had wonderful time at Kara for kids.How do I thank you for what you?ve done for her last three years Follow"A home away from home"- This is what I feel about Kara. I gave birth to my son but I think Kara brought him up as a person for last 2.5 years. He learnt to speak, write, potty training, make friends, understand Diwali, holi, Christmas...the list looks small but one who goes through the process know... FollowPlayschool or a Kindergarten is the first medium through which a child interacts with the outside world. As parents we were looking for a school which could provide safe, hygienic,caring and educational space to my child. The place where he could feel at home. And we feel blessed and happy to choo... FollowOur 3 and a half year old daughter has been attending Kara 4 Kids, Indiranagar, Bangalore for more than a year now. Given below is a gist of our experience/ observation. When our daughter was two and a half, we wanted someone to help us out with 2 issues - firstly, her fussy attitude towards eating... 


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