Becoming an Affiliate is Easy

Profitable & Free

An Individual can convert an Institutions to Join for Free Online Application for 5 years with Brainybatch

How will you get benefits from Brainybatch Affiliate Program ?

  •  Join Brainybatch

  •  Bring Schools & Colleges Onboard

  •  Earn on every Online Admission Application

Affiliate Program of Brainybatch

The Affiliate program is meant for anyone who has the capabilities to generate leads to Brainybatch for getting them acquainted to join hands with Brainybatch for free Online Admission Application Setup Service. We would incentivize you on every successful conversion of leads generated (getting an Institution to join for Free Online Application for 5 years with Brainybatch). You will be responsible for online & offline marketing of the institutions via Brainybatch.

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Main Acitivies to be Undertaken by Affiliate's

  • Generate Leads of interested Institutions
  • Awareness about the Online Application Setup Service of Brainybatch
  • Help Institutes to market themselves via Brainybatch
  • Help institutions to Join brainybatch for the Online Application Setup

Who are we looking for ?

  • Person who intend to make career out of marketing
  • Strong interactive and communication skills
  • Strong convincing and negotiation skills
  • Power to articulate and a good attitude

Why Should you Apply?

  1. Great opportunity to enhance your marketing skills
  2. Build a strong network among the student fraternity
  3. The following incentives will be provided for an affiliate on successful conversion of leads generated i.e if an individual can convert an institution to signup for FREE online Application for 5 Years with brainybatch:

    If no. of students applying for that institute is:

    • Below 1500/yr - affiliate enjoys 0.5% of the transaction of all applications submitted via Brainybatch
    • Above 1500/yr - enjoys 0.75% of the transaction of all applications submitted via Brainybatch
    • Above 5000/yr - enjoy 1% of the transaction all applications submitted via Brainybatch

Affiliate Program FAQ

How much I can Make ?

We offer very competitive commission rate! The more your promote the more you will earn.

What will go on my website ?

That's up to you! You can choose any Institute and apply easily without visiting institutes.

Do I have access to promotions & discounts ?

Yes ! As an affiliate, you will have access to affiliate-exculusive coupons, discounts and unique content.

How long does it take to get started ?

Join today & we will review your application within 3-4 business days.

Still puzzled ?

Email us at

congrats! we'll get back to you shortly.